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Addressing professional issues, the training of Counselling Psychologists and the application and practice of Counselling Psychology across Europe.

Mission: To strengthen the scientist practitioner model and innovation in line with the doctoral level competencies for counselling psychologists.

Vision: A journal that links the knowledge of counselling psychology across national borders and positioned at the forefront of innovative evidence-based practice


The European Journal of Counselling Psychology (EJCoP) is pleased to accept submissions.

The EJCoP is a free peer-reviewed open-access journal. It publishes articles at the intersection of European and counselling psychology issues that substantially advances the understanding of professional issues, the training of counselling psychologists and the application and practice of counselling psychology across Europe.

EJCoP is integrative and comprehensive in its approach. It publishes high quality research from different epistemological, methodological, theoretical and cultural perspectives and from different regions, providing a forum of innovation and debate, and questioning and testing of assumptions. EJCoP aims to bridge academic and applied counselling psychology. It tends to transcend the methodological and meta-theoretical divisions. The Journal welcomes submissions from both quantitative and qualitative methods, including ethnographic, autobiographical, and single patient or organisational case studies.

In 2012, EJCoP joined in collaboration with PsychOpen, the free online European open-access publishing platform for Psychology. Following its inaugural publication with PsychOpen March 2013, EJCoP will publish two issues per year and is accepting submissions.

All papers should be submitted through the EJCoP online submission process and should conform to the requirements listed on the EJCoP website (

We look forward to your submissions and please feel free to disseminate this call to anyone who you think might be interested.



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Vol 4, No 1 (2016)

Special issue: Contributions presented at the 5h Panhellenic Conference on Counceling Psychology, University of Patras, Patras, Greece, 6th – 9th November 2014. Guest Editors: Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos and Maria Malikiosi-Loizos.

Table of Contents

Counselling Psychology Research in Greece PDF HTML
Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos, Maria Malikiosi-Loizos 1-3
Parent Training for Families With a Child With ASD: A Naturalistic Systemic Behavior Analytic Model PDF HTML
Angeliki Gena, Petros Galanis, Erifylli Tsirempolou, Eleni Michalopoulou, Kalliopi Sarafidou 4-31
Parents’ and School Career Counsellors’ Evaluations of the Occupational Competence of Children With Dyslexia PDF HTML
Kleopatra Diakogiorgi, Ermioni Tsiligirian 32-61
Utilizing Storytelling to Promote Emotional Well-Being of Children With a Distinct Physical Appearance: The Case of Children Who Wear Eyeglasses PDF HTML
Andreas Brouzos, Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos, Kalliopi Moschou 62-76
The Relationship Between Meaning in Life, Emotions and Psychological Illness: The Moderating Role of the Effects of the Economic Crisis PDF HTML
Christos Pezirkianidis, Anastassios Stalikas, Evgenia Efstathiou, Eirini Karakasidou 77-100
The ‘Blame Game’: Discourse Analysis of Family Members’ and Therapist Negotiation of Problem Definition in Systemic Family Therapy PDF HTML
Pinelopi Patrika, Eleftheria Tseliou 101-122
Quality of Sibling Relationship and Substance Misuse: A Comparative Study PDF HTML
Anastasia Tsamparli, Elvisa Frrokaj 123-147