Journal History

The European Journal of Counselling Psychology (EJCoP) was developed following the founding of The European Association of Counselling Psychology (EACP). The EACP observed that counselling psychology needed to develop across the European national borders because of trade integration in the region and mobility of both counselling psychologists and their potential clients. The EACP realised that an integral part of progression is to develop the knowledge-base and evidence-based practice of counselling psychology across Europe, and it is upon these foundations that the European Journal of Counselling Psychology (EJCoP) was developed.

Like the EACP, the EJCoP was developed in an aspirational spirit. This provided a vision of a journal that links the knowledge of counselling psychology across national borders and positioned at the forefront of innovative evidence-based practice. At this time, counselling psychology was in its early stages in many areas of Europe. Even in countries where major developments were occurring, progress had not reached the stage of dissemination. For example, Ireland had launched its first doctoral course in counselling psychology but did not yet have any graduates. Similarly, a number of counselling psychologists in other European countries were in the stages of designing and conducting their PhD research and setting the stage for future dissemination. Therefore, the EJCoP was able to make an initial presence in 2009 and then both the association and the journal had to wait until these developments progressed further so that the counselling psychology, the EACP and the EJCoP can flourish together on the European stage.

In 2012, EJCoP joined in collaboration with PsychOpen, the free online European open-access publishing platform for Psychology. Since 2013, EJCoP will publish two issues per year.

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