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This edition is a special issue of articles from the 2013 CPSYC Conference in Turkey, guest edited by Dr. Zafer Bekirogullari.

Knowledge About HIV / AIDS: The Influence of Lifestyles and Self-Regulation in Adolescents

Claudia Balula Chaves, Manuela Teixeira Bentoa, Manuela Conceição Ferreiraa, João Carvalho Duartea


When informing about eating on Play dom casinodisorders exacerbates the problem instead of preventing it: Which programs work and which ones do not?

Elena Faccio, Valentina Fusa, Antonio Iudici


The Influence of Stress on the Quality of Life of Hypertensive Patients

Liliana Cristina Santosa, Cláudia Balula Chaves, Ana Isabel Andradeb, João Carvalho Duarteb


Osteoporosis and Somatization of Anxiety

Maria Papanikou, Anastasia Kotsopouloua


Assessment of Family Functionality Among the Elderly With Chronic Illness

Claudia Balula Chavesa, Odete Pereira Amarala, Paula Alexandra Nelasa, Emilia Carvalho Coutinhoa, Rui Manuel Dionisiob

New ideas and clinical practices to improve corporeal self-esteem

Elena Faccio, Mara Olocco and Antonio Iudici


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