Counselling Psychology and Disability

Alexandra Kanellaki, Pavlo Kanellakis


The results of a survey investigating European counselling psychologists' reports on the relationship between counselling psychology and disability suggest that counselling psychologists are engaged with disability in the wide range of their practice; however, such engagement seems less than what one would have anticipated in light of the history of counselling psychology and its connections to aspects closely linked to disability. Qualitative analysis of the data allowed a hierarchical structure of the priorities of respondents keep in mind when working with people with disabilities. Abilities/Disabilities was the central emerging notion in which the thematic units Self/Person, Coping/Healing, Limitations/Capabilities/Hope, Context, Ontology/Positivism were identifiable. Implications include the continuing development of the profession regarding training, adherence to legislation, scientific research, and reflective practice.


counselling psychologists; disability; school children; attitudes