Counselling Psychology training in the United Kingdom for Greek students who completed their undergraduate training in Greece: themes when comparing the two different organisational settings

Pavlos C. Filippopoulos


Counselling Psychology training is a very important aspect of the profession of counselling psychologists. In Europe there are countries that do not include such training in their educational system with the result that a lot of Psychology graduates must move to a different country in order to qualify as counselling psychologists. A number of students who completed their first degree in Greece have studied, and still are studying, counselling psychology at a doctoral level in the United Kingdom. The present study interviewed students that have completed their first degree in Greece and are currently studying Counselling Psychology at a British higher education institute. A thematic analysis was conducted and 4 main themes emerged: Professional Identity, transformative learning, research and training for research, and feelings. In conclusion, all the participants expressed ideas that their move to a British institute was a very good choice for both their training and their professional development.


Counselling Psychology in Greece; Counselling Psychology in the United Kingdom; Counselling Psychology training