Eclectic Therapy for Dual Diagnosis: A Case Study

Stamatia Soundia


This paper discusses the case of Helektra, a 28 year old female who was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa and borderline personality disorder using DSM-IV diagnostic criteria. The patient had referred herself to a state-run service in Athens, Greece. Therapy lasted for two and a half years. The patient’s therapeutic schedule included an integrated therapy model which was based on Fairburn`s diary (Fairburn, 1995, 2008) and on psychodynamic psychotherapy for personality disorders (McWilliams, 1994; Roberts, 1997). The findings of this case study are supportive of the benefits that have been associated in the psychological literature with the integration and eclectism of psychotherapeutic models.


bulimia nervosa; BPD; dual diagnosis; counselling psychology